DIY Style Cutting System

I’ve been using and loving the DIY Style Cutting System for a year now and it’s one of my favorite finds. Created by a fashion designer for working with slick activewear and swimwear fabrics, the system also works great for minky fabrics, as well as quilting cottons.

If you do a wide variety of sewing and quilting, this new patented system from DIY Style will make an enormous difference in how quickly and easily you can get work done. The magnets make it easy to tackle slippery and stretchy fabrics and hold stronger than pattern weights for easy cutting or tracing.  The rulers are designed to work with the magnets making it easy to get accurate and consistent cuts.   Sold exclusively by DIY Style, the system includes:

  • DIYStyle® Magnetic Pattern and Cutting System Base Set
  • Set of 12 Powerful FabricMagnets™
  • 36″ Pro T-square ruler and fabric alignment tool
  • NEW! 24″ Pro T-Square (Add-On Accessory)

Buy it directly from DIYStyle (affiliate link):