Building a string quilt, one scrap at a time

I got this wild idea about three years ago, that I wanted to make a string quilt that goes from white to bright and I’d embed my favorite quote in it. I plotted it out on the computer and then just let it sit there, for years.

But recently I realized that I have made a whole three quilts of my own design (and a hundred more for others) and it’s about time I start making one that I want to keep. This one is gonna be my very first wall quilt. Of course, I thought about making it bed size, but changed my mind when I started actually putting it together. String quilts are a lot of work!

I started with a box of scraps that I bought from work. Lots of end-cuts, 1- to 4- inches in width, that I sorted by color intensity.

Then I started cutting, getting strips from 1- to 2-inches in width. 

I cut each strip in half so they were about 20-22 inches long, giving me more variety in the combinations, and started sewing them together in a groups of five or six. 

And then there was lots of pressing, starching and cutting. I’d gotten pretty acclimated to the Strip Tube Ruler for this type of project a couple years ago on a LUKE quilt, so it wasn’t difficult this time. The trick is to starch and try to line up the marks on the ruler with a seam so that the outside strip is as straight as possible. And don’t expect to be able to cut them out side by side the entire length. You’ll need a gap between every few triangle cuts.
Cutting with the Strip Tube Ruler


Finally I moved on to stitching: first the pairs of small triangles, then with the pieced triangles. After that I cut them down to 6 1/2″ squares. 

I started laying them out last week and slowly but surely they are coming together. Maybe next week I will have it finished enough to show you (and off the living room floor!).

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