Photos from Asia, part two

The Petronas Towers fill the skyline in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is an incredibly modern city that bustles all day (and probably all night, though we always stayed in). People are always coming and going somewhere with tourists nearly always heading to the KLCC. It was the one place I definitely wanted to see–home of what was just a decade ago the tallest buildings in the world, the Petronas Towers.

Behind the towers, as part of the KLCC, is an enormous children’s playground. Unfortunately, it’s patrolled by police officers who don’t allow big kids like Audrey play on it. We wandered around and managed to pretend to play just for a picture. It was a bit odd for Audrey to be chased off the play structure and additionally strange since there wasn’t another kid anywhere on the sprawling playground.

The offspring pretending to be monkeys at the KLCC playground.
Totally unscripted. They are discussing cotton candy choices.
Totally unscripted. They are discussing cotton candy choices.

Kuala Lumpur has definitely lost its ‘developing world’ look and could easily be mistaken for Los Angeles, except for the Islamic holiday sales and Malay-language signage. This is, for sure, at the Pavillion, a large shopping center with an impressive food court on the very bottom floor.

Malaysia is nothing like Vietnam.

Photos from Asia, part one

Who knew there were Green Tea Kit Kats? Vinegar Apple? Caramelized Potato? Chestnut?
Delicious Mochi: Chocolate, Caramel Pudding, Red Sweet Potato and Black Soybean Flour were just some of the available flavors.
You want absolutely any candy flavored like green tea? They have it.
Mmmm, strawberries and oreo.
I don't know if was ever real food, but it's now completely shellacked. And spendy. 90¥=1USD
And in case you wanted to look like you'd traveled further, you could buy Florida macadamia nuts, Las Vegas chocolate chip cookies, The Great America truffles or Mexican cashew cookies. Weird.