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Zander takes on the globe

I am officially green with envy. Add to that list, one more fellow who is doing what he wants, where he wants. And, from the little I know of him, I think he’s going to do some pretty great things. (Think I could convince you to vist Viet Nam next spring, Zander?)

through his eyes

through his eyes

Thanks to our good friend, Keith, my son has a wonderful little digital camera that he uses all the time. I particularly love it when he takes it on our little excursions. Sifting through the photos I get to see the activities through his eyes, something that is getting rarer as he gets older. Yesterday,…

Like Mother, Like Daughter.

My daughter, A., is a list maker. Just like her father’s mother. Just like me. She begged for a magnetic pad of paper from the dollar store last week. It’s lined paper, with the heading of “The List” on each page. She won the argument and has used the pages diligently including this to-do list…

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