workshops & lectures

Both personally and professionally, I’m driven to explore the world of sewing, quilting and textile arts with a slightly skewed perspective.  With more than twenty years of quilting under my belt, I’ve been able to delve into it deeply and it’s been the craft and art I have leaned on to discover myself and the world. Learning to be brave in your work is something I aspire to share with others, along with teaching specific techniques, designs and challenges.

I am available for all-day workshops and presentations, as well as joint presentations with my life and artistic partner, Hawke Hamilton.  A Los-Angeles-based painter and designer, he has collaborated with me on various textile projects, including the Ascension Quilt.

Below are the workshops and lectures I currently offer.  Click here for past workshops & lectures.

Denim Quilts (1 hr lecture; full day workshop)

You’ve seen them and perhaps you wanted to make one, but weren’t sure where to start We’ll talk about sourcing the fabric, a variety of ways to sew it together, adding a little extra artistic flair, and all the options in finishing your quilt.


Collaborating to Break Out of Your Rut (1 hr lecture; full day workshop)

A joint presentation with Hawke Hamilton, focusing on how you can work with other artists, both quilters and in other media, to expand your creativity and build on each others’ skills.  Workshop designed for partner participants.



Flying Lessons (full day workshop)

Based on the wings in the Ascension quilt, you’ll learn about choosing fabrics for tonal details, curved piecing techniques, and raw edge applique.


Add Some Quirk to your Quilt (1 hr. lecture; full day workshop)

Bring in a variety of textiles to make a statement with your quilt, whether it’s used clothing or non-traditional quilting fabrics. Learn tools and techniques that will make it easier and effective.

Working in the Quilt Industry (1 hr. lecture)

A behind-the-scenes peek into how fabric goes from idea to production to warehouse to your stash.



$350 for a 1 hour lecture, plus Q&A session. $450 for joint presentations.

$600 for a full-day (6-hour) workshop. Up to 25 students.

Minimum of one full-day workshop preferred for lectures outside of Southern California.


Meals, hotel lodging and travel expenses are required for bookings outside Southern California.

Meals are charged at the per diem rate of $50 per day.

I will book my own travel with compensation due within 30 days.

If you’re interested in having me present to your guild or teach a workshop in your store, send me an email and we’ll chat! Feel free to contact me with any special requests: