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  The first time I saw Carolyn’s Alturas pattern I think I actually squealed out loud. You know that embarrassing, “Oh! I looooove it!” exclamation that never fails to leave me looking around, hoping against hope that I’m totally alone. But it was worth it. Alturas is beautiful and simple in this vintage way that […]

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Product Review: Clover Clamshell

I got the Clover Clam Shell Accessories Case months ago and its just hung out in my sewing box, waiting for the perfect time. I’d thought the perfect time was a week or so ago when I started sewing together hexies in the new “Simply Color” fabric by Vanessa Christenson. Well, despite all that work, […]


Working on hexies

From Vanessa Christenson’s new “Simply Color” line from Moda. I have no idea what I’m doing with them yet. I just find them slightly addictive to make.