Gluten Free Bread, attempt #8432.

So it’s been what, five years since I went gluten-free? I have to alway compare it when we returned from Vietnam, so I guess it is more like 4 1/2 years. A while. There aren’t many times when I really feel like This sucks! except when I can smell fresh, homemade bread. And then I […]


At last

It’s been a six-year hunt for black boots I could love. I’d actually been hunting for a pair when I stumbled onto the brown Born boots that i wear so often during a trip to Boston. Since then, I have hunted and hunted. On Tuesday, I found them. Let the angels sing.


What do I want? Sweets. When do I want ’em? Now.

I’ve been craving sweets lately and I’m just gonna go ahead and blame hormones. For one thing, I think that it’s actually true about hormonal cravings. And also, I’ve been doing pretty darn good with the non-sweets-eating, even through the holiday season. So there. I think I might indulge with one or all of these: […]


Chuc mung nam moi

Getting ready for Tet is always a tad overwhelming for me. I want to do far more than I am ever able to accomplish.But this year Jaymee came over early and helped me out with the cooking. She even made the Banana Flower Salad, from start to finish. And I wore my flip-flops to make […]


the rare treat–gluten free pizza

Okay, so this is my favoritest pizza ever and it really has to do with the delicious pesto sauce. A friend of mine introduced it to me last year and I have loved it since. Prado’s Pesto 2/3 cup olive oil 1/3 cup nutritional yeast 1/3 cup toasted pine nuts 5 garlic cloves, chopped and […]

miscellany ruckus time

Next, we’ll try electric shock therapy.

As if sticking needles in my back wasn’t fun enough, the chiropractor suggested we try a little electric stimulus for my back pain. Now that sounds awesome and all, but I still remember a dozen-plus years ago when my then-husband was playing with a little Jacob’s Ladder he’d made. It left burn-holes in his t-shirt […]


Poking me is gonna help?

That’s what they said. I’d complained posted on Facebook about the continued pain and a friend-of-a-friend suggested acupuncture. A friend gave it a hearty amen. Then the chiropractor suggested I try it out along with massage therapy. So with more curiosity than faith I scheduled a visit with the acupuncturist and spent two hours last […]


From her point of view

Cleaning out the storage closet to fill with my sewing goods, we came across all sorts of things including a French magnetic vocabulary set I’d bought for my daughter a couple years ago when she had a semester (or two?) of French classes. They never were used, but she couldn’t bear to get rid of […]