A Wonky Bag to Make

I get Stitch magazine because I love the projects they include. Granted I have more with Post-Its tacked […]

Growing (up) pains

Despite the fact, that I celebrated my forty-first birthday this year, I have avoided some of the more […]

Things are changing

So after six months of working primarily on Crinkle Dreams, along with few other small-time gigs, I’ve landed […]

I Can See The Light

After five long months of daily searches and more than a year of irregular searching, I no longer […]

Where’s the party?

My friend had the book The Party Dress: How to Sew the Best Dress in the Room sitting […]

Job hunting is like dating.

I don’t like either one, in fact. I much prefer steady work and a committed relationship.

Selling in the Streets

Saturday was the annual Whole Foods Hollywood Hootenanny, a conglomeration of Whole Foods market, local crafters and kids’ […]

And then there were two.

My son moved out and it’s provoked a whole load of feelings…. read more on Solo Mama Moxie.