My version of baby love.

The newest baby quilt makes me so happy; it’s soft and cuddly and the sweetest color combo.

Lost and Found

I didn’t get it all back, but there are some still on the old version of the site […]


So, I guess I learned my lesson… I managed to, in one click of the ‘OK’ button, delete […]

It’s a Giveaway!

I’ve participated in plenty of blogger giveaways, but always as the one hoping to win (which, in fact, […]

Isn’t Life Just Weird

Well, we finally made it back to our house–Audrey and I spent two months with our friends and […]

Strings and Things

I have a love/hate relationship with thread. I need the variety, really, because there is nothing more frustrating […]

Exploring Ashland

I was asked late last week if I could chaperone my son’s high school when they went down […]