We Made it to Tam Ky

We arrived in Tam Ky this early afternoon to an ecstatic Mrs. Hanh waiting for us at the […]

Floating around Tam Coc

Thanks to the kindness of my student Chinh, we were able to hitch a bus down to Ninh […]

Travel is for the Wealthy

And the definition of wealthy changes wherever you go. In Vietnam, I make enough money to afford us […]

Returning to Sam Son Beach

After more than nine weeks in Thanh Hoa, we finally returned to the beach that sits only 15 […]


How is it that no matter where you are life does not go according to plans? Our time […]

Hitting the Arcade with the Kids

On Saturday afternoon we headed out to Vincom Towers to visit the arcade. You can imagine our disappointment […]

Here Comes the Storm

We’re right in the middle of it; the kids are in Hanoi with Keith and Trang while I’m […]